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Arts & Culture

Kahungunu - Culturally Strong

Retention of our cultural identity is paramount for it is the soul of the Iwi and it's what makes us unique. Our language, our art, our waiata, our stories, our history is all part of our cultural identity.

Innovations Centre

Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated is working toward the development of the Kahungunu Innovations Centre. It will be an opportunity for all to enjoy and participate in the various facets of our Iwi. To keep abreast of these activities, please view the summary notes of the bi-monthly Board meetings. From time to time, information will be disseminated through our iwi communication networks to inform our people of major developments.

Te Reo and Tikanga

Through concentrated effort and celebration, Ngāti Kahungunu traditional and contemporary culture and language will survive and achieve national recognition. A dedicated Te Reo unit is working on the revitalisation of Te Reo.


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