Strong, Vibrant, Healthy Whānau and Hapū

In 1858 Māori were 98% of the population of Aoteroa. 
Up to 40 years later and for the next 100 years we were only 6% of the population. Today Māori are 17% of the population and this percentage must continue to rise.

Through increasing our birth rate, reclaiming our values and improving our health and standard of living we will reclaim prominence in our own land.


  • Marae and papa kāinga flourish and provide an option for extended whānau living.


  • Encourage Ngāti Kahungunu population growth


  • The sanctity of whakapapa ~ childrens’ rights to know who their parents are


  • Full employment for whānau


  • Family safety through the elimination of child and domestic violence


  • Significant reduction in alcohol and drug abuse


  • Significant reduction in criminal offending 


  • Re-learn and practice Rongoā