Ngāti Kahungunu Language Symposium 2019

Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated is proud to have hosted the fourth, Te Reo ki Tua Language Revitalisation Symposium. 

This symposium will showcase some of Ngāti Kahungunu’s and the nation’s leading experts in the field. It will also showcase an array of both native speakers and second language learners who have made careers out of their passion and dedication to the revitalisation of te reo Māori, as well as language champions who have worked tirelessly for decades to preserve te reo Māori within Ngāti Kahungunu and the nation.


The theme of this year’s symposium is: “He hiki roa tō hiki! – Nothing is easy!”. This symposium is aimed to inspire te reo Māori champions and advocates by hearing first-hand the trials and tribulations faced by those in the field of language revitalisation and their innovative methods aimed at the successful retention of the language.


The purpose of the symposium is to inspire others to continue the battle to save our indigenous language from the brink of extinction, and ultimately deploy an army of language champions.


Between 700-800 people are expected to attend the two day event held at Clubs Hastings.