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Board of Trustees

An updated copy of the Constitution can be requested from the iwi office. Phone: 0800 524 864

How the Governance Board of Trustees is made up.

The Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated Board is elected every three years. 


Ten (10) elections take place simultaneously for the ten (10) positions on the Board as follows; The election of six (6) Taiwhenua/Rohe representatives, two (2) Taurahere representatives (one from the Northern District and one from the Southern District), one (1) Kaumātua representative and (1) Chairman position.

Marae/Taiwhenua elections are held and run in accordance with their own constitutions. It is important that Marae/Taiwhenua elections are completed prior to the triennial iwi elections in order for newly elected board members to participate in the iwi elections if they so desire. 

  • The Taiwhenua/Rohe Boards are made up of registered Marae representatives who have been appointed or elected by their respective marae and/or have been elected in accordance with their respective constitutions.

  • The Taurahere Boards are made up of registered Kahungunu representatives who reside outside the Kahungunu rohe.

  • Candidates for the Taiwhenua/Rohe/Taurahere representative positions on the Board will come from the current pool of active Taiwhenua/Rohe/Taurahere Board members at the time of nominations open for the iwi election.


Kaumātua nominees come from an open pool. Candidates must be able to tick yes to all of the questions below to be eligible.


  • Be a registered tangata whenua member of Kahungunu descent?

  • Be 60 years or older?

  • Be interested in the future of Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi?

  • Be registered to participate in the 2019 election?

  • Be proficient in Kahungunu tikanga, kawa and reo?

  • Reside in the Kahungunu rohe?


Nominations for the Iwi Chair position come from the pool of Taiwhenua Board members who meet the criteria requirement at the time nominations open for the iwi election. The incumbent Chair becomes an eligible candidate for the position of Chairperson without going through a marae/Taiwhenua election process as stated in 9.2.1 in the Constitution.

The current Board Members as elected on 26 April 2022.


  1. Chairman                          Bayden Barber

  2. Kaumatua                         Haami Hilton

  3. Wairarapa                         Melissa Ihaka 

  4. Tamaki Nui a Rua             Hayden Hape                                

  5. Tamatea                            John Barry (JB) Smith                   

  6. Heretaunga                      Thompson Hokianga                   

  7. Te Whanganui A Orotu    Hori Reti                                   

  8. Wairoa                               Nigel How 

  9. Taurahere (Northern)       Eruera Beattie

  10. Taurahere (Southern)       Brian Ruawai-Hamilton     

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