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"Te Ao Mārama - Everything Māori Podcast"


Enhance the mana and well-being of Kahungunu


Ki te whai ao, ki te ao mārama:

The continuous pursuit of excellence


Platform to Inform everything about mātauranga


We are releasing podcasts every week starting in July. Link in, listen and stay informed. 


Revitalise Our Roots:

"Te Ao Mārama: Everything Mātauranga" breathes life into Ngāti Kahungunu’s rich heritage, ensuring our stories and traditions thrive for generations to come.

A Platform for All Voices:

This podcast is a welcoming space where the wisdom of our ancestors meets contemporary voices, offering a treasure trove of knowledge for whānau, educators, and curious minds everywhere.

Bridging Generations:

"Te Ao Mārama" sparks powerful conversations between the young and the old, strengthening the threads that weave our community together.

Ngāti Kahungunu to the World:

From our marae to global audiences, this podcast amplifies Kahungunu leadership and culture, fostering respect and understanding across cultures.

Learn, Grow, Connect:

Dive into an educational journey with "Te Ao Mārama," where every episode enriches your understanding of Mātauranga and ignites a passion for cultural revival.


Community at Heart:

Engage with inspiring stories and expert insights that unite our community, sparking a collective journey of rediscovery and pride in our shared heritage.


Authenticity in Every Word:

Listen to real, heartfelt conversations with Kahungunu experts, exploring the depths of Mātauranga with authenticity and respect.


Knowledge on the Go:

Whether you're commuting, working, or relaxing, "Te Ao Mārama" makes it easy to connect with your roots and learn something new, wherever you are.


Spread the Word:

"Te Ao Mārama" reaches every corner of our community and beyond, inviting everyone to join in our cultural renaissance.

Sustainable and High-Quality:

We’re committed to producing top-notch content that’s both sustainable and impactful, ensuring "Te Ao Mārama" remains a beacon of cultural enlightenment for years to come.

te ao marama image.jpg

Welcome to this "Te Ao Mārama - Everything Mātauranga" Podcast hub. This exciting initiative is Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated (NKII) led in joint partnership with Tai Huki Consults Ltd. Our presenters are NKII Pou Mātauranga Tawehi Munro and Tai Huki Consultant Whare Isaac-Sharland. Our technical lead is Rangatahi Te Mauri Isaac-Sharland. 

"Te Ao Mārama - Everything Mātauranga" Podcast is aimed at bridging gaps and nurturing understanding by sharing the rich tapestry of knowledge, wisdom, and perspectives from the Ngāti Kahungunu community. Rooted in the ethos of Mātauranga and cultural revitalisation, this podcast endeavours to foster meaningful connections through authentic conversations with experts and community leaders.

Each month starting in July 2024, we are covering specific kaupapa. Click In, Link In, Stay Informed. 


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