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Te Taiwhenua O Te Whanganui-a-Orotū

About the Taiwhenua:

Te Whanganui Ā Orotū identify as descendants of the first people of the area who are linked to the land and to the waters of the region.  From Toi, the line of descent extends to Mahu, the very beginning of our people who begat Orotū who resided at Te Whanganui ā Orotū for at least part of his life.  Whatumamoa, his son was born at Te Whanganui ā Orotū and was one of the original owners of the land.  The line descends to Turauwha, the principal chief at Otatara when Taraia, son of Kahungunu invaded and conquered Heretaunga 15 generations before 1850.  Te Whanganui ā Orotu further establish descent from Tangaroa, god of the sea down through Pania and her child Moremore. 

From the earliest of times, Te Whanganui Ā Orotū was highly prized for its enormous food resources and its access to major river systems and forest areas.  Mahinga Kai identified ancestral rights to areas with Ngāti Tu, Ngāti Matepu and Ngai Te Ruruku ki Tangoio at the Northern end of Te Whanganui ā Orotū.  Ngāti Hinepare, Ngāti Maahu and Ngai Tawhao occupied the western portion of Te Whanganui ā Orotū’s shoreline and Ngāti Pārau had ancestral rights to the southern portion of Te Whanganui Ā Orotū. 

Kia horo te haere 

Ngā Taumata ki Te Poraiti 

Ko te kainga tena I pepehatia e o tipuna 

Ko rua te paia ko te Whanga 

He kainga o te Ata 

He kainga ka awatea 

He kainga ka ahiahi e tama e i 


Go quickly to the heights of Poraiti 

That is the land in a proverb of your ancestors 

The Storehouse that never closed is Te Whanga 

A meal in the Morning 

A meal at noon 

A meal in the evening 

Te Whanga’s lament is a tribute acknowledging the abundance of food in Te Whanganui Ā Orotū and has been used metaphorically as the Strategic Vision for Te Taiwhenua o Te Whanganui Ā Orotū to inspire and motivate our Taiwhenua and people to achieve the Mission and objectives. 


Governance Board (Updated 5 May 2022)

The Governance Board is made up of 8 Ahuriri Marae and a Chairperson.  Te Taiwhenua o Te Whanganui ā Orotū are the mandated Iwi Authority for Ahuriri (Napier) and encompass marae and hapū from Te Haroto to Kohupatiki (Clive).  In total there are 17 hapū and 8 marae.  The marae includes Te Haroto, Petane, Tangoio, Waiohiki, Moteo, Wharerangi, Timikara and Kohupatiki.  

The overarching strategic objectives of the Taiwhenua are to focus on building capability and capacity, achieving education, housing, employment and health outcomes and establishing a Research unit for our Taiao.  The Hawke’s Bay Māori Business Hub established by Te Taiwhenua o Te Whanganui ā Orotu will assist businesses with Covid Recovery.

  • Chairperson: (George) Hori Reti - Board Representative on Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated Board (To view profile click here)

  • Kohupatiki Marae: (Deputy Chairperson): Api Robin

  • Timikara Marae: Leonard Kirk

  • Moteo Hamuera Marae: Peter Eden 

  • Waiohiki Marae: Brenda Fergusson

  • Te Haroto Marae: Janice Kahukiwa

  • Petane Marae: Rose Hiha

  • Tangoio Marae: Marewa Reti

  • Wharerangi Marae: Tipene Cottrell 


Office Management

  • Chief Executive Officer: Tania Eden

  • Strategic Advisor: Kare Wiki

  • Administration Manager: Angela Garnham (E)

  • Whānau Connector: Tangiora Bartlett

  • Project Manager / Taiao: Josh Eden-Whaitiri

  • Communications Advisor: Paoraian Manuel-Harman


Contact Information

  • Physical Address – 02 Wellesley Road, Napier South, Napier

  • Postal Address: PO Box 7101, Taradale, Napier 4141

  • Phone: 0800 4 AHURIRI

  • Email Address:

  • Facebook:  @taiwhenuatwao 

Marae Map (click here)

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