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At 12 noon on Tuesday 26 April 2022, the iwi elections were declared closed. Of the 19,695 voting papers that were posted out to registered iwi members, a total of 4113 were returned equating to a 20.88% return.  Of the returns, 1991 were received by post while 2122 were received online.

At 4:30 pm a Special General Meeting was held where Independent Elections Returning Officer Dale Ofsoske revealed the results of the election. The meeting was attended by 35 people in person, 72 via zoom and 1,617 via facebook. The Election Results were ratified as follows:  


Elected Unopposed

As the number of candidates for each of the following positions did not exceed the number of vacancies, no physical elections were required and the following persons were declared duly elected as follows:

Te Taiwhenua o Te Whanganui A Orotu (one vacancy) RETI, Hōri (no alternate)

Taurahere Runanga – Northern District (one vacancy) BEATTIE, Eruera (no alternate)

Taurahere Runanga – Southern District (one vacancy) RUAWAI-HAMILTON, Brian (no alternate)

Kahungunu ki Tamaki Nui A Rua (one vacancy) HAPE, Hayden (no alternate)

Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga (one vacancy)HOKIANGA, Thompson (no alternate)

Te Taiwhenua o Tamatea (one vacancy) HEPERI-SMITH, JB (no alternate)


Elected By Vote

As more than one nomination was received for the following vacancies, an election was held and the outcome of the election is as follows:

Ngāti Kahungunu Wairoa Taiwhenua (one vacancy)       

HOW, Nigel William                     569                     

WILSON, Naomi                           431 (alternate)


Kahungunu ki Wairarapa (one vacancy)

IHAKA, Melissa                            126

RUTENE, Andrea                            60

WAIPUKA, Jenishavorne              125 (alternate)


Chairperson (one vacancy)                                                   

BARBER, Bayden                       2273

TOMOANA, Ngahiwi                    1787


Kaumātua (one vacancy)

HAPUKU, Jerry                              490

HILTON, Haami                              668


Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated acknowledges and congratulates all of the candidates who put themselves forward for this election.


New Board members include the new Chairperson, Bayden Barber, Heretaunga representative, Thompson Hokianga, Wairarapa alternate, Jenishavorne Waipuka and Northern Taurahere representative, Eruera Beattie.


Thompson and Jenishavorne are brand new to the iwi Board while both Bayden and Eruera have been alternate board members in the past. Eruera has been the alternate for Owen Purcell for the 2019-2022 Board and Bayden was the alternate to the late, Christine Teariki, representing Heretaunga during the 2007-2010 tenure. Melissa Ihaka continues to be the youngest Board member, squeezing in just in front of Jenishavorne Waipuka who has picked up the alternative position. Wairoa remains happy with their status quo outcome with Nigel How representing Wairoa and Naomi Wilson as the alternate. Kaumātua - Haami Hilton will continue his service for the next three years. Just prior to the meeting, Uncle Haami said he would be happy either way the Kaumātua vote would go because he and Jerry are both from Te Hauke, both the same age, and they were literally brought up together.

In the closing remarks, iwi staff member Te Rangi Huata acknowledged all of the candidates who put themselves forward and ended with these befitting words, “It’s exciting times on this new voyage of discovery, exploration, and rediscovery with God as our guide”  “In the words of the late Moana Jackson, Life is a never-ending journey of new beginnings”.


The new board will gather to meet and be inducted at their first meeting on 20 May 2022. (Due to the new chair having COVID, the new board will meet on 10 June, which is the nearest practical date to hold a pōhiri to acknowledge the old and welcome the new board members).

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