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Education - Mātauranga

Goal One: Whakaoho - Kahungunu Knowing (Epistemology).

Awakening Ngāti Kahungunu iwi, hapū, whānau and education practitioners through the
critical awareness of what is happening in the education system and whether this
negatively impacts or positively influences Māori and thereby Ngāti Kahungunu
educational success.



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Level 2   





Level 3   





The Ngāti Kahungunu Education Strategy

Te Tōpuni Tauwhāinga



Starting to develop a critical awareness of issues                 impacting on Māori [Ngāti Kahungunu] student          

achievement in the school;

Have developed an awareness and knowledge of, and           have started to trial strategies that improve teacher

practice, the school setting and outcomes for Māori 

students; and,

Have developed an awareness and knowledge of, and           are starting to see evidence that indicates improvement       in teacher practice, the school environment and Māori           student achievement as well as Māori [Ngāti                

Kahungunu] academic, social and cultural outcomes.

Whakaoho affirms the necessity of;


  • Collaborative quality discussions which potentially impact, influence or inform

Ngāti Kahungunu educational and ākonga achievement, currently measured
through the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA);


  • Iwi, hapū, and Taiwhenua to be reflective and iterative of results and outcomes;



  • Ensuring collective voice is being heard, the continued disruption of status quo

understandings which do not serve our people, and further strengthening our
position as fundamental contributors to advancing education across all learning
sectors throughout Ngāti Kahungunu.

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