Te Ara Toiora


Ko Tākitimu te waka

Ko Ngāti Kahungunu te iwi

Ko Ngāti Papatuamaro te hapū

Ko Kahuranaki raua ko Houngarea nga marae

Ko Tukituki te awa

Ko Whānui Hape raua ko Reuma Tamihana ōku mātua

Ko Chrissie Hape ahau

Chrissie Hape




Chrissie is the Chief Executive for the Iwi office and also responsible for the development and implementation of the shared workplan between Child Youth and Family and Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi that will lead to the repatriation of our mokopuna.  



Chrissie was appointed CEO in 2017 and her role includes overseeing the Te Ara Toiora mahi of the iwi. 

Te Ara Toiora Secondments


The management structure has evolved over the years as Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated has continued to increase the capacity in the office. Over the past year the iwi has built relationships with regional and national government agencies to increase opportunities for secondments to work unitedly towards achieving outcomes for whānau development. The following secondees and contracted workers support the Te Ara Toiora - Well-being aspirations of the iwi.  

Ana Carroll





Ko wai ahau?

Ki te taha o toku papa

Ko Ata Patuhoe Kara toku papa

Ko te Matau O Maui te whare tipuna

Ko Ngāti Hawea te Hapu

Ko Ngāti Kahungunu te Iwi


Ki te taha o toku mama

Ko Ripeka Maihi toku mama

Ko Whakatere te Maunga

Ko Taheke te Awa

Ko Tahekeroa te Marae

Te Mahurehure te Hapu

Ko Ngapuhi te Iwi

Taash Romana





Ko Whakatere te maunga

Ko Waima te awa

Ko Te Mahurehure te hapū

Ko Taasha Romana ahau


Ana Carroll is the Iwi Partnerships, Senior Advisor for the organisation. Ana will focus on the iwi’s relationship with regional and national government agencies to increase opportunities to work unitedly towards achieving the aspirations of the ‘Te Ara Toiora-wellbeing’ strategy which focuses on enhancing whānau development. 

Ana has a social service background and has worked at Social Welfare/Oranga Tamariki for the past 30 years.

Taash has a legal background and worked for Te Puni Kokiri for 15 years and for Te Mātāwai handling the nations contestable Te Reo Funding. Taash  is contracted to support Te Kāhui Ohanga o Takitimu (TKOT) under the umbrella of Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated as the interim Programme Manager.  Te Kāhui Ohanga o Takitimu was formed as a collective partner to the opportunity presented to develop a regional economic development strategy and associated actions. The project is called Matariki REDS.  The vision encasulates “Every household and every whānau is actively engaged in, contributing to and benefiting from a thriving Hawke’s Bay economy”. 

Kristyl Haimona





Ka tuwhera a Maungaharuru

Ka kati a Tangitū,

Ka tuwhera a Tangitū,

Ka kati Maungaharuru


Ko Maungaharuru te maunga

Ko Tūtira te roto

Ko Te Ngarue te awa

Ko Tangitū te moana

Ko Tangoio te marae

Ko Punanga Te Wao te whare tīpuna

Ko Ngāti Kurumōkihi, Ko Ngai Tātāra, Ko Ngāti Tū ngā hapū

Ko Tākitmu te waka

Ko Ngāti Kahungunu te iwi

No te uri o Laddie Waiari Anaru ahau

Ko Krystal Tāne Haimona ahau

Krystal is the Senior Advisor for the East Coast of Ara Poutama Aotearoa, Department of Corrections. She has worked for a number of government agencies and has seen how different departments could work collaboratively to make things work better for families.


Krystal’s aspirations within this mahi are: “To connect, collaborate and contribute to meaningful outcomes for whānau. Collectively the Te Ara Toiora brief is to work with their agencies to apply a ‘Systems Thinking’ approach across the social sector that enables agencies to better respond to the needs of our whānau. 

Errol Kalmancsi





Ko Tuhourangi te hapū

Ko Te Arawa te iwi 

I te taha o toku Papa 

Ko Hungary te kainga hoki 

Ko Errol Kalmancsi ahau


Errol Kalmancsi is the Offender Recruitment Consultant (ORC) for the Department of Corrections in partnership with Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi. Errol works with employers who are willing to give men who have been imprisoned the opportunity for employment. It’s a tough task, but Errol remains positive and works tirelessly to strengthen ties with key people who believe in change. Errol attends almost every staff meeting to give his updates, otherwise he works outside of the office all week.