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Governance Structure




An updated copy of the Constitution can be requested from the iwi office. Phone: 0800 524 864



  • Ko Te Rangi-tapu-ā-whata te maunga

  • Ko Whatumā te waiū

  • Ko Takitimu te waka

  • Ko Te Rongo-a- Tahu te marae

  • Ko Ngāti Kahungunu te iwi

  • Ko Ngāi Te Kikiri o te Rangi,

       ko Ngāi Tahu Mākakanui,

       ko Ngāi Toro-i-waho ngä hapü

  • Ko JB Heperi-Smith tōku ingoa


Profile (April 2022)

Tēnei rā te whakaahua ake i ngā maunga tapu o Tamatea

Ko ngā Tapu-o-te-rangi

Ko ngā Tawhito-o-te-rangi


I takea mai ai ko te tapu, ko te mana, ko te mauri o ngā Atua

I hohoua mai ai nō Io Matua Kore

Kia mahea te hua-mākihikihi ki runga ki tēnei papa


Tēnā, maranga mai kia whakaeke, kia tārewa tū ki te rangi


Tihei mauri ora!

It is with humility, that I take this opportunity to acknowledge the support I have received during my time on the Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi Inc Board ngā mihi.

I am mindful of our koroua and kuia, our kaumātua, the many uncles and aunties of Tamatea that helped raise and guide me, to forge our uniqueness within Kahungunutanga, Takapau and Tamatea. They have taught me what it means to serve you, to be ever present, casting my ear towards your voices, to listen to each and every one of you, and especially you for giving of your time and you energy.

I will continue to strengthen our distinctive culture and language, to drive and nurture education as the forefront of our success, and to seek every opportunity in order for the next generation to prosper and flourish. 

I have used the opportunities given to me by our people to grow as a leader and a board member, representing our Iwi, to ensure our whānau and hapu are foremost in our hearts and minds in every decision we make.

I have a deep understanding and appreciation of the challenges we face in a changing political landscape, and I will use your mandate to improve the fortunes that each and everyone deserves:


  • I will promote strong sustainable Kahungunu cultural leadership.


  • I will promote health, education and training opportunities for our whānau.


  • I will advocate every opportunity that provides for our holistic and spiritual wellbeing.


Other Interests & Involvements

  • He Toa Takitini Representative, Te Rongo A Tahu

  • Director, Kahungunu Asset Holding Company

  • He Toa Takitini Executive

  • Trustee, Aorangi Māori Trust Board

  • Trustee, Heretaunga Tamatea Settlement Trust

  • Senior Advisor, Cultural Competency Hawkes Bay District Health Board.


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